Sunday, January 8, 2012

echo top

i promised to put in a better picture of my first 2012 quilt top although i didn't manage to get it outside under the sun. i was stucked doing something else inside the house. see below later.

its going to be a super single size, really enough for the three of us to cuddle (reallyclose) together. doesn't it look pretty hanging by the cot?

this (see below) is what i was making during tea time. its an amateur work, took me less than half an hour to get it done. wanted to make sure that my new macbook superdrive has its own sleeve so it is at least protected if it fall or scratched un- intentionally. i am super clumsy i already have bits of small scratches on my one - month old macbook. sigh.

don't you just love the bright colors? and the guitar pattern. its just awesome!

see you guys again soon!

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