Saturday, January 7, 2012

the start

hi everyone, this blog looks so empty and dull! i am still trying to figure out the hows and about for layout and stuff. definitely not a tech-savvy person I'm gonna have to try things out :o

i haven't been doin anything that constructive this first week but i managed whipping up this quilt top during the new year's (big yeay!!!). took me the whole day to finish it (phewww!) in between my daughter's cries and yelps (whoops..). i am calling it the new year's echo quilt.

sorry bad quality of the picture. i took it inside our room which was a bit dark. thats my husband holding it for me, isn't he sweet? ill remember to take it outside the next time so u can see it better. the collection Echo by Lotta Jandsdotter is soooooo pretty. i seriously fell in love with it the first time i saw in on the net here and now, there it is. i also added a bit of fabrics from my stash just so there is more variety.

thats my sweet little daughter! she turned 5 month last week :) don't mind the boys' clothing. its her dad speaking. isn't she the most adorable thing? :)

i haven't plan on quilting this yet. too lazy to get to the shop to get the batting and back, which is at the other end of this town. blerghh. i guess thats in my to do list.

love and hugs xoxo

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