Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a new baby dress

What I made: A new dress for my little girl using Lotta's line
Still in love: With this echo fabric
New love: New arrival of pezzy prints in my mailbox!



I'm outie! xoxo

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Oh gosh Oh gee I really am not getting the hang of blogging yet. Always disappearing more than I should be. I am bit stuck with work. Really. I am like a fully working mother. In a 'health' facility. Lets just put it that way. My work is totally not related to this hobby of mine, most times it is hard going back home on a weekday and start picking up sewing where I left off. I always wait until the weekend. But then not all weekend are the same. Enough said.

Ill share some pictures instead today.
Latest snail mail!!
Gorgeous! I am just busy looking at it. Pondering. I am planning use most of this for my girl's dresses. These are from different range of collection.
(Some of my favorites!)
(Echo quilt top. Basting in process)
Yeah that's my echo "old news" quilt top. Just entering the basting process. Well actually I have started quilting it. With machine. Bring back old bad memories when I was struggling with my earlier quilt top. Impossible for me to actually squeeze this into that small machine! Thinking of just converting to hand quilting. Much easy, right????

(little munckin)
That's my baby daughter in her latest dress made by mom (spell ME!). Wanted to take a full profile picture of the dress but just look at that muchkin, what a bad mood she was in today! haha. It is a nice simple pattern I got from Butterick. Super easy. haha. And look at that gorgeous fabric. Its Giraffe Love by Michael Miller. LOVE.

Hopefully my next post will be much much much muuchhh better. Pinky promise!

Cheerios peeps! xoxo